Outstanding Cards & Balances Report
There are several ways to get this report depending on what you need.
1. Your Program Summary: Click the link on the top right side of this page and it will display a real-time summary report of your outstanding cards and balances.
2. The End of Month Balances Report: Displays a summary report of the outstanding balances at the end of the selected month. Click End-of-Month Balances on the left side menu under Reporting, then input a start and end date of the month you want. Then click "View Report". Start with the 1st of the month you want to view, and end with the 1st of the month after. For example, if you want to see balances at the end of January 2010, enter 1/1/10 - 2/1/10. If you want to see the first 6 months of 2010, enter 1/1/10 - 7/1/10. Each month will be listed on a separate line.
3. The All Gift Accounts Report - a real-time list of all cards and oustanding balances greater than $0. To pull this report, click Accounts under Reporting on the left menu. Under the "Predefined Reports" tab, Click "Select a Report" and then click on "All Gift Accounts". Click "Load" to the right (this loads the parameters for the report), then click the "View Report" button. If you want to export the data, click the Export tab at the top and enter your email address.

Auto Rewards Program - Reward your customers' loyalty!
Setup an auto-rewards program. You add the points - we do the rest. Add a point for every visit, or every dollar your customers spend...when they reach a certain points balance, we can automatically add $$ to their card! You can change the rewards yourself at any time - do a 'double rewards' day - just change the reward amount for the day, then change it back. Add and delete rewards at any time. Setup as many rewards as you want! Read more about the auto-rewards progam here.

2010 Year End Reports
Click 2010 Year End on the lower left menu to download list of outstanding cards & balances at the end of 2010. Do not 'open' the file in Excel- download it then import the data into Excel. How-To instructions below.
Import downloaded reports into MS Excel
You may notice that the reports you download, when opened into MS Excel, show strange-looking card numbers. This is because MS Excel truncates 'numbers' over 15 digits. In order to get around this, you need to trick Excel into thinking that the card number is text instead. This is done by importing the report you downloaded into Excel and changing the card numbers to text during the import. Click here for instructions on how to import your reports into Excel.

Card Reorders
Contact TenderCard @ 800-383-8280, option 3 to order more cards and/or sleeves & envelopes, and any of our marketing materials. See what we have to offer! Click here for a Product Catalog.

Has your Bank Account changed?
If so, you will need to contact TenderCard directly so we have the correct information. Please fax a voided check from your new account, or a letter from your bank, to 508-495-0088, attn: Merchant Services. Avoid processing delays and reject fees and contact us!

Online Accounting Center Tips and Tricks Favorite Reports
On the Predefined Reports and My Reports tab, you can select a report and click the "Create Favorite Link" to the right - this will add a Favorites menu under your Reporting menu. You'll just need to click a favorite report and it will automatically load - saving you a few steps in report viewing. If you want to remove favorite reports you've added, go to your User Profile menu.

The Virtual Terminal Quick Reference Guide is available here - click to download. It's a PDF file so you'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print it.

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Internet Explorer 6 and above
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